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Recognition for The Eccentric English Text is given to the poet and author Louis Untermeyer and Harcourt Brace Co.  Be that noted, you will find that the acknowledgements by Mr. Untermeyer reflect many single maiden ladies who took it upon themselves to enter “The English Teacher” profession.

Mainly this text is designed for those sixty, seventy, eighty and possibly ninety year old teenagers–those students who actually managed to be absent from their respective English classes on any given day during their teen years.

Reasons for absences varied for several reasons: sickness, skipped school that day, spent too much time in boy’s/girl’s room, slacked off or some other stupid excuse.  Therefore I’m taking it upon myself to help those wayward ones, to make up for those idly misspent days when they were supposed to have been listening in to the English class lecture. The text being offered here is to help reinforce the learning experience that they foolishly let fritter away back then.

To the reader: As a former English teacher I can assure you that by purchasing the text you will find its just rewards. If you read it in the manner it is presented the following may occur:

1. at the next H.S. Reunion you may tell your classmates “Hey, I read a   book!”;

2. or “Hey, I just made up one of my English classes!”;

3. or “Hey, I’m intellectually renewed.”

However, if you decide to forego this rich experience then there is little I can do for you as far as self-motivation and self-improvement is concerned.